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Vtech MQB Steel Oil Pan (Sump) Conversion Kit - 06J103600AFKT

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The oil pan, located on the bottom of the engine block holds your engine's oil. In an effort to save money, Volkswagen and Audi constructed the factory oil pan on the 2.0TSI Generation 3 out of plastic. This creates a hazard especially if your car is lowered. One wrong move and you could find yourself with a cracked oil pan or worse a blown engine and thousands of dollars in damages. Even the oil pan on a car at stock ride height could crack if you can't avoid that debris in the road.

In order to provide you with piece of mind the experts at VTA have assembled the Steel Oil Pan Conversion Kit. With this kit you can easily convert your engine to a steel oil pan which is far stronger than the factory plastic oil pan. The installation is straight forward and everything needed to complete the conversion is included.

  • Each kit includes:
  • Steel oil pan
  • 20x Oil pan bolts
  • Oil pan sealant
  • Drain Plug
  • Volkswagen GTI (2006-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf R (2015-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf (2006-2019) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Jetta (2006-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Jetta (2006-2019) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Alltrack (2016-2019) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Beetle (2012-2018) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Beetle (2012-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Passat (2012-2018) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Passat (2012-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Tiguan (2009-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi A3 (2005-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi S3 (2015-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi TT (2008-2015) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi TTS (2018-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi Q3 (2015-2019) 2.0T TSI