Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning

V-Tech Australia is known best for top-notch tuning services. If you want to get your car tuned by the highly skilled and experienced professionals, we are the place to go. Our years of experiences, excellent track record and groundbreaking technology makes us a more reliable choice for your vehicle. We offer matchless solutions using the ECU software tuning and provide high-class client satisfaction.

What is ECU Tuning?

The ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit. The ECU tuning is done for improving the performance of your vehicle. The electronic control unit of the car is modified or changed completely in order to improve its functional efficiency and to enhance its performance.

The ECU actually controls the fueling and it decides the proportion of air and fuel to ignite. Additionally, the turbo boost is also controlled by the ECU.  You can get the ECU parameters changed in order to maximize the performance of the engine.

How we do it?

The tuning process is where the fun begins.

To start with, we use our speciality tuning tools to read your OEM ECU file.
Inside this file is all the information in tables for your fueling, timing, boost and much more.

Using this file we create a custom tune to suit your car based on our experience and data we have collected from Australian cars, along with your modification list.

Each tune is tailored to each car. After the tune is complete and ready for flashing, we flash on the tune and upon competition we test the car.

The testing phase is where you get to enjoy your car. While driving our technician will be data logging all aspects of the car to ensure the tune is working as it should be. Any tweaks to the tune that need to be made e.g. Too aggressive on timing or fueling too rich or too lean. We will create revisions for your car, flash and repeat.

This process gives a true individual custom tune to each car and ensures all tuning is complete at a high standard. Each car is different in the modifications and age/how it has worn over time. Each tune needs to be different to suit.

We are the best at what we do. With our team of experts, latest technology, and high-quality equipment, we provide top-class tuning solutions. Our Vtunes are also backed and supported by world class Greek tuning company ‘Dynodrome’.

As you can see, we are with you every step of the way, thus ensuring the highest level of quality service is achieved and in turn, results in a happy client.