TTE480 Results!

Since the first post we did regarding the first TTE480 in Melbourne being Vtuned, we have successfully completed 4 others!

Our experience in tuning and knowledge of parts has been testament to the results and happy customers, HOWEVER we continue to be asked for results.
From dynosheets to drag slips.
Here at VTA we tune and build for our customers, how they decide to use their cars is entirely up to them.

Some will hit the track, maybe even the dyno and some do not. Thankfully for us Nathan wanted to get some figures on how his car was performing.

This Mk6R features all the required bolt ons we recommend in our VTA Stage 3 TTE480 kit + Our Stage 3 Custom ECU and DSG tune

After finally hitting the rollers, we received fantastic news
The setup manage 287.1 AWKW on 98 pump fuel at 1.9bar of boost! 

For the team at VTA this is HUGE and fantastic results!


Throw back to the video of we made of this car

The perfect street package has been built! This Mk6 Golf R has the ability to be cruised around town as a comfortable daily BUT also has the ability to plant the foot and become a monstrous speed demon with more then enough go to leave most cars in its dust!

The help of Dodson upgraded clutchs, allows the reliability to stay in the build!

It's all thumbs up from us! Another happy customer, another completed build and awesome results!