11s VTA Rockets Down the Drag Strip - Calder Park

Welcome back to another VTA Blog post!

We have been pretty slack on the blog posts I know! So it's time to start getting more out there for you all to read and see the wonderful things we get up to down at HQ.

This week we want to bring in a recap of an achievement we managed to pull off. Basically PB for a Customers Scirocco R we decked out and our shop S3 8V Audi.

So on Australia day weekend, the team at VTA went and entered Calder Park Raceways "King of the Hill" street category. This basically allowed us to run all night with minimal wait times.

Sadly the weather wasn't exactly ideal and was floating around the 30 degree mark BUT this didn't stop us.

We managed to achieve some insane times in the Rocco, now offically the fastest Stock turbo Scirocco In Australia AND we also laid down a fantastic time in our shop S3, which we know can go even quicker.

So without more wall of text go ahead and enjoy the video and results on these beastly cars!