New Products! Fuel Relief Valves + Info!

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As promised, we will continue doing blog entries on our page with valuable information to assist you when purchasing parts!

So, for this topic we’re looking at the fuel rail pressure relief valve which is a recommended upgrade for those people with the EA113 engine found in Mk6 Golf R, Mk3 Scirocco R, Mk5 Golf GTI, Audi S3/A3 8P and Skoda Octavia (some other international vehicles also by SEAT) who are looking to push Stage 2 tuning and beyond.

A quick rundown on what the valve is for:
The fuel rail relief valve on this motor is there to release pressure. Your fuel rail builds up pressure as requested, and the amount will vary depending on your tune. If for any reason the pressure goes above the safe level the fuel rail pressure relief valve would 'crack' open, allowing pressure to drop!

Now - This is a good thing on the stock tuned engine, should anything happen it’s a safety mechanism, but as we increase the power of the car, we require more fuel and with more fuel comes higher pressures typically!

This is where the OEM valve becomes ineffective! Once you reach a point of the valve maxing out and 'cracking' open, pressure is dropped and fuel volume lowered. This fuel on a higher powered tuned engine could be needed, and by not having a higher rated pressure release valve could cause you to run lean, maybe at the extreme cook a piston!

The solution!

Once you hit ‘Stage 2’ we begin to recommend this upgrade and some tuners even call it a necessity. We have two options for upgrading your fuel rail valve, the first is the OEM upgrade to the RS4 valve made by VAG increasing the ‘crack’ point to 140 BAR. Recommended for Stage 2(+) tuning, along with the HPFP fuel pump upgrade. (

Fuel Rail Valve
However, for those looking to go beyond Stage 2+ tuning and considering turbo upgrades like TTE Hybrid K04 TTE420/480, Beach Buggy Turbo T400, Loba 400 and GT/GTX options you will need an even higher ‘cracking’ point!

TTE, GTX, Turbo Upgrade

SURPRISE - we have you covered here at VTA and our option is perfect for those upgraded turbo applications.

The VTA 165 BAR Fuel Rail Relief Valve!

With a higher cracking pressure rating this will allow your system to run safer and increase the potential maximum power delivery. We also recommend to complete the Low Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade (LPFP) at the same time as doing the 165 BAR rail valve as a necessity for turbo upgrade. 

So which do you need? Well it’s as simple as, having some forethought as to whether you’ll do a turbo swap eventually or keep it as is. 

Stay Tuned for more tips on boosting your VAG.