Hot Product! R8 Coilpacks 06E905115E

Have you been considering the R8 coilpacks for your VW/Audi car?
Have you tuned your car?

If the answer to these is yes, here is some helpful information!
The R8 coilpack is an OEM upgrade for the original coilpacks on your VW/Audi equiped with the FSI/TSI motor!

Mainly in the tuning scheme of things, people begin to notice misfires while using OEM coilpacks. At this stage we recommend upgrading to R8 coilpacks which remove this issue!
These coilpacks come factory on some high power output Audi cars, as the name suggests, the Audi R8!

Here is some info from

1) These coils can be used on your FSI/TSI engine at ANY level of modification. They function just as well on a dead stock car as a highly modified one.

2) They are NOT the same coils with red housings. The secondary circuit on the R8 coils has a higher resistance than stock!

3) The R8 Coilpacks have a higher resistance than factory and thus produce a better, hotter spark
Stock: 3.3 M ohms
R8's: 5.31 M ohms

On another note - be sure to buy genuine!
We regularly see people posting R8 coilpacks "OEM" for insanely cheap pricing!
Be sure to check they really are genuine!
The way to check is via the markings on the coilpack!
See below

Pictured above is a GENUINE R8 Coilpack, PN: 06E905115E
It has VW AG markings including a very special tag "eldor". This is the company produces the R8 coilpack!

Here at VTA, we only sell genuine R8 coilpacks
Available for purchase here -

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