Vtech TSI Intake V2

Vtech TSI Intake V2

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At Vtech Aus we are proud to announce our new air intake system for the 2.0TSI engine!

Our intake and shield system seamlessly forces cold air into our air intake system. Air then flows through our high flow cone air filter.

Our 2.75" mandrel bent aluminum intake pipe allows for smooth flow of cold air into the the engine providing improved breathing and performance. We reutilize the OEM Maf Housing to ensure all readings are 100% Accurate!

All of the components included in the Vtech TSI Intake V2 work flawlessly, increasing induction noise as well as your power band allowing for tuning and greater performance over the factory air intake setup.

Product Details:
- Mandrel bent aluminum piping with black painting
- Reusable air filter (Washable)
- 4 Ply silicon connectors with stainless steel clamps
- Bracketry to prevent rattling under engine torquing


Please note this fits cars equipped with the 2.0TSI engine found in models similar to the MK6 Golf GTI