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Vtech Billet PCV Revamp

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Introducing the VTA Billet PCV revamp.

This revamp is designed to remove/delete the OEM PCV valve located on the OEM valve cover. The OEM PCV has a plastic pancake valve that with time and increased boost levels fails - in essence the plastic splits creating a nasty boost leak.
Replacing with a factory unit again is $150+ from VW and ultimately on a tuned car will fail again.

Our PCV Revamp removes this issue entirely, deleting the plastic OEM PCV and pancake valve - replacing with a CNC Bullet valve cover plate.

No longer will one have to worry about this common point of failure.

The VTA Billet PCV Revamp includes : 
- CNC Billet PCV Adapter plate
- Billet Intake Manifold Block off (Not plastic like other brands)
- Retaining Hardware for Block off

Install is simple and for a novice will be completed in under 1 hour!